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Gif Animation Erstellen Photoshop Tutorial – Otosection

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But where to begin? Open your Illustrator file. Place or draw your objects. Find and select the Selection tool. Look for the Selection tool, located on the toolbar on the left side of your screen. Group your objects. It will be easier to animate your image if all the objects that need to be moved are grouped together.

Open the Artboards panel. The Artboards panel should open up on the right side of your screen. Create More Artboards. Establish a naming convention. It will turn into a text box. Retype the name of your artboard, followed by its number in your sequence eg. Select your entire image. You can also click and drag your cursor over the entire image to select all of it at once. Duplicate your image. Repeat this step on each subsequent artboard as you alter the position of your objects.

Adjust your frames. Start exporting your frames. Finish exporting your frames. Open your frames in Photoshop. Set your frame rate. On the Frame Rate window, select the amount of frames in your gif per second via the drop-down menu.

Open the Motion Workspace. Set your duration and speed. Right-click on your GIF in the workspace to edit its duration and speed. Open the Save for Web window. Define your GIF settings. Export your gif. It is not possible to complete the whole process in Adobe Illustrator alone. If you are looking for something simple, you can give Canva online tool a try.

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